We create, shape and build tailored business solutions.

Bringing the collective knowledge and skillset of The van Diemen Project advisory team, our Strategic Development Services focuses on establishing the foundation for sustained growth and momentum.

With a broad range of real-world experience across the team, underpinned by a solid foundation of project management expertise, we develop tailored business plans, strategies for marketing and business, design powerful brands, build social enterprise frameworks, and create a clear roadmap towards success.

We work closely with businesses to develop products and services that are customer-centric, keeping customers and their needs at the forefront of planning, decision-making, and day-to-day execution. We also consider the overall user experience as crucial to establishing a positive customer journey and customer experience.

How do we help?

  • We strive for quality and excellence in all that we do.
  • By asking the right questions to identify the best outcomes.
  • We establish a village of subject matter experts that extends beyond The van Diemen Project team.
  • We provide the space and the skills to allow for unique, bespoke solutions to problems to be identified and developed.
  • Enabling growth of all kinds, not just looking to provide a solution to the immediate problem.

We develop and design:

  • Business & marketing strategies
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Strategies for social impact
  • Social impact framework
  • Business, financial & marketing plans
  • Applications for stimulus packages
  • Strategic brand identities
  • Customer-centric websites



One of our recent highlights was the work that we were able to achieve with Kooparoona Niara Cultural Tours, as part of a grant through the National Indigenous Association of Australia.

It was our team’s privilege to work with owner Greg, a proud trawlwoolway man who grew up in the kooparoona niara region and also initiated the Deloraine Cultural Trail to showcase the nine nations of Aboriginal people living in this special area of our island state.

This expansive project centered on redeveloping product lines connected to cultural tours in order to give visitors and locals the chance to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture.

Several stages of the project were undertaken, including initial market research to identify opportunities in the local and national tourism market, a workshop with previous participants and local tourism association representatives to gather knowledge on touch points, and a complete website rebuild, video campaign, and targeted social media campaign.


After growing up surrounded by a strong gardening culture, Nathan, owner, and manager of The Whole Sprout, wanted to ensure his daughter experienced the same. The Whole Sprout was born out of the opportunity to connect with the environment, cultivate food and enjoy being outdoors. As Nathan’s daughter learned about worms, seed saving, and creating ways to connect with the garden, he realised that others would love to do the same.

In order to plan the future direction and success of his business, Nathan approached the team at The van Diemen Project to develop a fit for purpose business plan. Our advisors worked with Nathan to create and implement this, allowing him to use it as a strategic tool to keep him focused on the steps and overall pathway to achieve his business goals.

“Thank you for your valuable time today and the work that you put in each and every time. You have knocked the brochures and the video clip out of the park. We viewed them over and over and absolutely loved them to tears they grabbed us both emotionally. They are sensational. We have nothing but positive feedback on all aspects!”

– Greg, Kooparoona Niara Tours


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