Multi-disciplinary advice to solve problems & enable growth.

Providing frank and fearless advice is in our DNA. At The van Diemen Project, we ensure all business owners, organisations and communities have access to high quality, honest and realistic advice. From mentoring, training and delivering team workshops, right through to intrapreneurship and problem-solving incubation, we thrive on implementing and supporting change, and seeing the best outcomes in your business.

Our multi-disciplinary team use their expertise and experience to support and collaborate with you to develop and help implement projects in line with your goals, whilst identifying key opportunities to enable growth and help drive change for the future.

Our business practices are ultimately centered on people first, and we never forget this. Specifically, we focus on creating a safe space for sharing ideas and tackling problems and seek to empower others by bringing in our own personal knowledge and experience.

We also work with businesses that are deliberately looking to produce a positive social impact by providing tools, services, and support, as well as understanding how to turn this into a competitive advantage.

How do we help?

  • We provide tailored advice with an expert for meaningful impact.
  • Embracing complexity and challenges and thriving on overcoming adversity.
  • Our insights and experience unlock new opportunities.
  • We’re focused on actionable business advice, support and guidance for the future.
  • We establish a village of subject matter experts that extends beyond The van Diemen Project team.
  • By providing services to support businesses and organisations who want to have a positive impact

We provide strategic advice in:

  • Business & marketing strategy
  • Governance
  • Business, financial & marketing planning
  • Cyber security
  • Social enterprise
  • Problem-solving
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Quality audit & improvement



Offering the ultimate sledding adventure for thrill seekers, Meander Wilderness Experiences operates on the banks of the mighty Meander River in Tasmania’s North. With COVID in the rear-view mirror, owner Daniel saw the potential for the tourist attraction to have its best summer yet during the upcoming season. He knew that he needed a comprehensive review of his previous marketing activities and strategic advice to build on the momentum already gained and unlock additional potential.

Our marketing advisors worked with Daniel to design dedicated geotargeting campaigns for locals and tourists through social media, provided recommendations for website updates that will improve user experience, and have created marketing budgets to ensure adequate saturation and extra campaign optimisation for the season.



New Horizons Tasmania have been leading the way in inclusive sport and recreation in the state since 1986, and our entire team had the privilege of working with Chief Executive Officer, Belinda and her team for an Opportunities Matter half-day brainstorming session.

Taking advantage of the unique skills of each of our advisors, we split up according to our interests and passions, and immediately framed the problem, developing ideas and solutions that we presented four hours later with a commitment to move forward.

Over a series of four hours, we were able to address sponsorship and partnerships, realign their mission and brand personality, discover new opportunities for a revenue model and engagement tactics with the broader community. 

Additionally, the team was able to submit a grant application which was successful, and a campaign focused on educating northern Tasmanian businesses on inclusivity is in development. Stay tuned for further info in the coming weeks!

"Our session with Adam was invaluable, providing insight into running a social enterprise in Tasmania and strategic direction for expanding into new markets while delivering greater social and environmental impact."

– Anthony, The Good Car Company


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