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Our team is our strongest asset. Together with the expertise of everyone, we are able to make the most of every opportunity.

Adam Mostogl - CEO & Chief Entrepreneur

Adam brings his years of experience in education, entrepreneurship and community development to encourage everyone in the team at The van Diemen Project, and everyone he interacts with.

Never one to slow down, Adam has inspired over 17,000 students to solve challenges in their local communities, mentored over 800 people to start their own business and challenges everyone to focus on impact, showcased through being a Finalist for Young Australian of the Year (2015) and one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs under 30 (2017).

Focused on creative approaches to impact and business opportunities, Adam regularly shares his experience with others as well as the team of The van Diemen Project to multiply what we can achieve to make opportunities matter.

Chris Davis - General Manager

For over thirty years, Chris has passionately solved problems working in other businesses as well as his own, bringing a diverse mix of skills and abilities to the team at The van Diemen Project.

As a proud sixth-generation Tasmanian, Chris has had extensive experience across building new businesses and initatives as well as refining existing approaches for impact and growth, which sits alongside his knowledge in the areas of governance, commericial solutions and entrepreneurial advice that he uses at every chance he can.

Driving projects of significance within The van Diemen Project, Chris also leads advisory projects delivered by The van Diemen Project with a focus on impact and achievable growth in a people-centric approach.

Vicky Matulic - Core Services Manager

Everything Vicky touches showcases her proficency in organisation, planning and attention to detail, creating consistent and reliable results across everything she is involved in for The van Diemen Project.

With degrees in Business and Accounting as well as being a voting member of the Australian Bookeepers Network, Vicky has a fantastic ability to share her skills and knowledge across a range of industries, naturally problem solving challenges as they arise to ensure that work can continue seamlessly.

Vicky is at the backbone of everything The van Diemen Project does, delivering results on internal projects as the Core Services Manager, and regularly sharing her skills and approaches with the wider community.


Kirby Curwen - Chief Marketing Officer

Having lived and breathed Tasmania’s marketing and business scene for the past 15 years, Kirby has worked with countless industries to bring beauty and creativity to the way these brands create clarity and connect with their customers.

Her experience includes working with brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Ford and Suzuki as well as bringing Tasmania’s creative scene to international attention, showcasing Kirby’s skills across social media, digital marketing, public relations, television and radio advertising as well as strategic marketing initiatives.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of The van Diemen Project, Kirby coordinates the design and delivery of the business, and shares her skills, wisdom and creativity with those The van Diemen Project supports.

Nicole Lucas - Senior Strategic & Community Manager

With years of experience across Australia addressing complex problems, Nicole has an incredible ability to create future stories for all she interacts with, with a specific focus on clarity around purpose.

Having worked alongside communities and organisations across Cape York, the Torres Strait, North Queensland and Tasmania across all sectors, Nicole is driven to see that all voices are heard and bringing a strategic perspective to all that she works through.

Nicole brings these insights to help drive the strategic approaches of community organisations and businesses so they can create the future story they want to shape, and help The van Diemen Project to shape our own.

Richard Kemp - Information Systems Manager

Bringing years of paid experience and many more tinkering with technology, Richard is focused on designing and shaping solutions that leverage technology and humans that use it on a daily basis.

Working across a range of industries, Richard brings his experience of customer service to everything that he does, as well as his ability to solve problems. Richard has passionately explored technology systems, integrations, website development and cyber security throughout these roles, and brings this to every discussion and opportunity.

Richard brings all of this together to design, oversee and implement solutions that use technology, including web platforms, software and media production, making everything run smoothly across our organisation.

Anna Cui - Project Manager

Highly curious and observant, Anna is the superglue to projects and initiatives of The van Diemen Project, bringing her energetic approach to every opportunity.

A life-long learner, Anna is currently studying her MBA, creating another opportunity to apply her experience in hospitality, retail and academic research in topics such as leadership that sits naturally along what she does within our team.

Championing projects of significance and complexity across everything we touch, Anna helps everything at The van Diemen Project happen, and does it all in her way that energises everyone around her.

Katrina Lancaster - Senior Experience Officer

Having a careful eye for design and story-telling with a focus on an empathetic approach, Katrina carefully guards and creates the best impressions and experience for all who interact with what she touches.

With a background in event management and marketing, Katrina has followed her passion for design and story-telling into her studies at the highest levels, including being awarded the Industry Choice Award for her work while studying at Foundry and being added to the Honour Roll at the University of Tasmania.

Katrina’s approach to all situations and designs means that everyone who interacts with The van Diemen Project has a memorable and positive experience, and this is regularly shared out with those we work with too.


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