marketing audit

Find out how effective your marketing efforts are and maximise your results.

The ability to cut through the noise with informed and purposeful marketing is crucial in today’s cluttered world full of advertising. ​

​The van Diemen Project team has the expertise and knowledge to properly audit your current marketing efforts, considering your current digital presence, identifying opportunities for your brand to grow, and ensuring you communicate on the right platforms with confidence. 

An audit conducted by our multidisciplinary team ensures that the business is well represented online and takes advantage of all available opportunities to reach its audience effectively. We also ensure alignment with key goals and key performance indicators.

You’ll discover how your marketing strategy is performing and whether your digital marketing efforts are paying off. Marketing audits ultimately prevent you from spending time and resources on ineffective marketing campaigns.

How do we help?

  • Our expert advisors conducting the audit have extensive knowledge across marketing, sales, design, website development and branding.
  • We build the confidence and capacity of our clients to ensure they have the knowledge to progress further.
  • To ensure we deliver relevant and best practice findings, we use the latest software and programs.
  • We’re focused on ensuring your marketing effectively communicates your business purpose. 
  • Our insights and experience unlock new market opportunities.
  • The review is fit for purpose as we fully understand the essence of the business and target market.

We provide advice on:

  • Content & campaign collateral
  • Audience reach effectiveness
  • Social media marketing
  • Website presence
  • Digital marketing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer journey
  • Alignment to values
  • Brand recognition/recall




Offering the ultimate sledding adventure for thrill seekers, Meander Wilderness Experiences operates on the banks of the mighty Meander River in Tasmania’s North. With COVID in the rear-view mirror, owner Daniel saw the potential for the tourist attraction to have its best summer yet during the upcoming season. He knew that he needed a comprehensive review of his previous marketing activities and strategic advice to build on the momentum already gained and unlock additional potential.

Our advisors worked with Daniel to reshape dedicated geotargeting campaigns for locals and tourists through social media, provided recommendations for website updates that will improve user experience, and have provided budget recommendations to ensure adequate saturation and extra campaign optimisation for the season.


Meander Wilderness Experiences offer the ultimate river sledding experience in Tassie!

"I'm really happy with the unique and tailored approach that the team at VDP have recommended. We now have a more efficient way of targeting interstate arrivals and we expect to have a jam packed season on the Meander River."."

– Daniel


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