Reflect upon your performance, our workplace and the leadership of The van Diemen Project.

To help prepare for the reflection conversation soon, please take the time to complete all three sections of the Team Review process, which includes;

  • Performance & Value Review, to reflect on your individual contribution.
  • Workplace Review, to reflect on the entire team.
  • Leadership Review, to reflect on the leadership of The van Diemen Project.

Please respond honestly in all fields to help everyone at The van Diemen Project to live out our values, gain the support from the whole team and provide the leadership that helps our organisation succeed.

Please allow up to thirty minutes to complete the process with adequate reflections and discussions to bring clarity to your choices – as this is not something you should be rushed in completing.

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Performance & Value Review

Please select the best option to describe your performance in alignment to the values of The van Diemen Project, and provide evidence of your responses in the open text field to bring clarity to your choices.

Inquisitive Minds

We are always curious and seeking more knowledge and opportunities.

The Heart of The Person

We always put people first, and we remember that at the centre of each idea or business is a person.

Build As a Village

We believe we do better work when we seek the ideas, opinions, and support of others.

Teach People to FIsh

We put the building blocks in place for ongoing momentum.


We are independent and objective.

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