Top 5 Tips: Convert Customers Like A Pro!

Jun 4, 2023 | Sales & Marketing

Top 5 Tips: Convert Customers Like A Pro!

Jun 4, 2023 | Sales & Marketing

Top 5 Tips: Convert Customers Like a Pro!

For many of us in business, we know that we have people interested in what we offer – they’ve told us so, they engage with our social media posts and they have signed up to our newsletters. But getting them from being interested into purchasing is often one of the hardest tasks of the sales process – and one worth making happen!

Our CEO and Chief Entrepreneur, Adam shares his top 5 tips for converting customers in a way that is kind, considerate but makes for lasting relationships.


Tip #1: Clearly communicate value.

When we are solely focused on converting customers, we often look at creating a ‘good deal’ or trying to undercut the market – but time and time again our customers want the value we offer. In the minds of customers, they are thinking about whether what you offer is ‘worth it’ – so make sure they know it clearly!

Make sure you are communicating reasons why they should do business with you that makes them feel good, that shows them the value that you’ll provide them, and the benefits. As an example, instead of always comparing two packages that have different prices, talk about a single special feature in the more expensive package, and trust your customers to recognise the value and make the right decision from there.

It also cleverly gives customers the opportunity to feel like they are making the choice freely based on the value, rather than you pushing them hard into a ‘good deal’.

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Tip #2: Provide social proof.

While you are likely offering something customers want, sometimes people hesitate when they are the only ones purchasing from you. It’s not that they are scared, it just can be risky being ‘the first’ and not everyone wants to do that.

To make sure your customers know that they are in safe hands, provide social proof in your marketing and communications. By this, make sure you are proudly sharing testimonials from customers about their experience, case studies to showcase how your business have helped them and reviews from customers who are more than satisfied.

This allows the value you create to be placed in the words of your customers (rather than yours) which is more relatable, creates trust and credibility, and can create the influence needed for the customer to move from interested to buying.

Tip #3: Offer a trial / demo / test offering.

By now, it is likely your customer is interested, but they are still trying to work out if what you offer is what they need to purchase. They have likely asked some questions about what you offer, and while you have given them great answers, we’ve all been in situations where it has sounded ‘too good to be true’.

This is the perfect time to introduce some sort of test / demonstration / trial offering that lets a prospective customer make sure that what you have told them is actually the case. Not every business can do this, but if you can let the customer taste something, trial what you do, or get access to a small version that builds trust, this allows the customer to see how what you offer fits into their needs – and depending on how long it goes for, they’ll build habits that could see them coming back time and time again.


Tip #4: Create a sense of urgency.

For some customers, they act like they have all of the time in the world – and for some businesses, they allow this to happen because they just want to be really nice.

But as we’re looking to create conversions, you can add a sense of urgency to the process by providing a limited-time offer or bonus, that creates that quicker reaction that will see a decision made. There are times we say yes to a purchase when someone let’s us know that there are only a limited number left, or that we only have forty-eight hours to make up our mind before someone else gets a choice – and in these situations, we are likely to act than sit on the fence.

You do have to be careful with this tip though, because being too pushy will see customers back away. So think about strategic times to offer a sense of urgency, which customers to use it with and think about how you can offer bonuses that creates a value add to the whole sale process, rather than discounting to try and get your customers committing.

Tip #5: Implement an effective follow-up strategy.

While we can tweak our marketing, messaging and campaigns to drive conversions, sometimes we (as business owners) are our own worst enemy. We know of people who are interested in what we offer, but we just forget to check in and nudge them along the sales process.

To avoid this, take the time to build a consistent communication strategy that uses a range of platforms (email, phone calls, etc.) that creates personalised messages to check-in and maintain engagement with your potential customers. Knowing that they matter to you will build a stronger relationship, allow you another opportunity to answer their questions and find out their changing position to convert them when the time is right.


This is not an exhaustive list of tactics and strategies you can use to create conversions – and every business is a little different. If you need to talk further about your business, reach out via our websites at or to book an appointment with a subject matter expert. 

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